Hittle Bottom

Hittle Bottom: This was at a camping area on Hwy 128 in Utah. We pulled off for a look around […]


BLM Land Highway 128 Utah

  BLM Land, Highway 128 Utah: We pull off for photo-pops and simply to look. I sat in the car […]


Connected Lakes

  Connected Lakes: A constant, cold breeze prevented a long study of these but they begged to be sketched. It […]


Her Maple Leaf

  Her Maple Leaf: “You need to go home, you’re not feeling well. We’ll be okay here.” My boss said. […]


Cottonwood in a Field

  Cottonwood in a Field: Fall color has faded now. The rural countryside is dropping its leaves. The golden grasses […]


Bear Skin, Alexander Lake Lodge

  Bear Skin, Alexander Lake Lodge: Up on the Grand Mesa again, we stopped for lunch. I got a new […]


Hare on the Run

  Hare on the Run: I like Hares. Peter Rabbit I remember from childhood. I don’t recall if he met […]