Waiting at the Endoscopy Center

  Waiting at the Endoscopy Center: Time for “her” to have her first colonoscopy. (So I sat and sketched while […]


Cliff, Snow,Trees

  Cliffs, Snow, Trees: We got a really nice day here today and decided to see how winter was treating […]


Gray Herons, Corn Lake

  Gray Herons, Corn Lake: Five Gray Herons awaited a meal as a lone ice fisherman waited for a bite. […]


Urban Sketching at Starbucks

  Urban Sketching at Starbucks: Hey 6 and 50, Grand Junction, CO with Deni and Hannah. They ate and drank […]


Roadside Weeds

Roadside Weeds: I haven’t sketched in a couple of weeks because I’ve been working on a website to manage bookings […]


Quick Lunch

  Quick Lunch: It’s probably a good thing, but I can’t finish one of these anymore. When I was a […]


Mesa Creek

  Mesa Creek: I may not be aware what month it is but I got the date right at least. […]


Rose Hips Hanging Lake

  Rose Hips, Hanging Lake: We went to see my Mom today over in Carbondale at the nursing home where […]