A Rock in the Frying Pan

Rock in the Frying Pan

I know…”why would anybody put a rock in a frying pan?”

Well, the Frying Pan in this case is a river about thirty minutes from where I live. Geographically speaking, it has its beginnings in the White River National Forest, runs down a canyon to Basalt Colorado, and feeds into the Roaring Fork river, which in turn feeds into the mighty Colorado river in Glenwood Springs Colorado. The Colorado then flows on down to the Pacific ocean near the border of Mexico and Baja California.

The Frying Pan is a pretty little free-stone river and a well known destination for those who like to stand in streams and fly fish for trout. The canyon through which it passes has dropped some rather large boulders from its walls over the eons and this happens to be one of them. A rock in the Frying Pan. I found it interesting because a stunted, lone pine tree had lived its short life aboard this rock…a skeleton being all that remains in the patch of grass that provided its start. The rock too was interesting. In fact, for a person who likes rocks and geology, this is a great place to spend your time. And if that person also likes to sketch or paint, well there ya go friend. Rocks, a canyon, a river, trout, fly fishermen, pines, watercolors, paper, brushes, sunshine, low humidity, a nice breeze, no snakes…and time. And I guess a Bud Light if you’re so inclined. Just don’t leave the can.

6 thoughts on “A Rock in the Frying Pan

  1. Jane Cain

    I love this painting. We were lucky enough to have a trip to Colorado and Wyoming a few years ago and stayed a few nights in Basalt in a hotel right next to the Frying Pan river so it has brought back memories of a very happy and awe inspiring holiday. You are so lucky to live there. I’m glad you are enjoying your new surroundings. It is also good to see another of your paintings in the style that I like. I shall go and admire my little paintings of yours that are on my walls about the house now and dream of Colorado….

  2. Don Post author

    Thanks for commenting Jane :-)
    Small world isn’t it? I’ve shuttled many people from Great Britain and other places to the ski resorts up here (Aspen and Snowmass) but never much imagined anyone would be interested in Basalt. It’s a beautiful little place though and certainly a good base for visiting all the other towns nearby and of course the resorts. Must have been the Aspenalt Lodge where you stayed :-) Big bronze sculpture of a Bull Elk out front. Glad you had a great time here. Come back! I’ll be painting more now. And this style is likely what I’ll stick to. Glad you enjoy the paintings :-)

  3. Davo

    I just love this painting! And you commentary is even better.

    For a long time I always thought that I’d love to fish more. Finally I realized that I love being outdoors, love streams, like boats, absolutely adore the memories of fishing with my Dad. But I really just don’t like to fish! Once I realized that I gained a little bit of peace and tranquility for myself. Not much, just a little. Every little bit helps.

  4. Don Post author

    Thanks for the comment Davo :-)
    Try as we might at times, even though we love the romance of some things, we just don’t enjoy them. Funny isn’t it? I’m that way about oil painting. I really love oil paintings, especially ala prima and plein air paintings. But I just can’t stand messing with oil paint. It’s not spontaneous enough for me. Like you, once I accepted that, I let go of thinking I “needed” to do oil paintings. Of course I spent a pant load of money on oil painting gear to come to that acceptance. It did teach me to listen more to my inner self when pondering the notion of taking on a new interest though. In fact, I don’t even take on new interests anymore lol!

    Ironically, I’m actually battling myself as I write this, trying to decide whether to take up fishing again. I liked it when I did it…for about five years. Then it was sort of “what’s the point. I can enjoy these places without all the garb and equipment and expense, and without yanking a poor trout out of the stream and apologizing to it before releasing it”. They have eyes you know. Eyes that look at you with that “You S-O-B! Go ahead! Eat me! Is that what you want! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT! YEAH YOU FOOLED ME! GO AHEAD! EAT ME! SEE IF I CARE!!!” Look. My inner self is strongly suggesting I just sketch and paint all the romance associated with fishing instead. So that is likely what I will do…maybe. Maybe I’ll do both. lol! See? I know what you mean :-)

  5. Terry

    Its many years since I was in Colorado, and while there a friend loaned me a copy of ‘A River Runs Through It’. I used to fly-fish myself at the time, but haven’t done so for 20 years now and guess I probably won’t start again for much the same reasons as you.
    I loved Colorado and I loved the book, and your post and picture brought back so many good memories. Thanks!

  6. Don Post author

    Hi Terry,
    Yes that was a great book and the movie was good too. Glad to bring back pleasant memories for you :-)

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