Country Roads

Country Roads

Country Roads

I was looking through some image archives on the laptop and came across this little imaginary scene I painted in 2008. I thought about its peaceful beckoning to take a walk, drive…or even a life’s journey.

For me I think, it’s about a journey.
How fortunate I am to still be taking one.
How much of a gift the journey is. It is after all a miracle of odds that we are each here being us.

As a frame of reference for me, the caves at Lascaux in southwestern France have paint covered hand prints and animal drawings on the walls that are dated to 14,500 years B.C.
Humans go back even further of course. But I can relate to hand prints and animal drawings in a cave.

So beginning at just 14,500 years ago provides an enormous amount of time for one little thing to go wrong in one’s lineage. But for you and me, nothing did. For you and me to be here…taking this journey…male and female had to meet and mate, create a healthy child, that child had to meet a mate, create a healthy child…on and on and on. The beginning of it all we really don’t know. Certainly well prior to 14,500 years ago.

Considering all that can happen to take a person’s life…thus breaking the chain…earthquakes, accidents, violence, disease…it’s pretty dang special that unique and very long path that has lead to you and me coming to be. One little instance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for any person in that long chain of mating…and neither you nor I would have ever popped out of a womb and become who we are.

It conjures up images of all those lives if you think about it. The journeys they took.

Makes me appreciate my journey. Good or bad, each day is a gift :-)

9 thoughts on “Country Roads

  1. Wendy Dunham

    Love the painting and the words…gave me goosebumps…..your paintings are as good as any master artist whose works fetch millions….I just don’t know how society decides why them not you? LOL. You’re worth millions!

    Your true friend,


  2. annie

    I love the painting and the thoughts, Don. I think we tend to forget just how special it really is that we are here at this moment, even though we may be surrounded by some unhappy ones. Thanks for the reminder that we might not have come this way at all.

  3. Don Post author

    Annie and Wendy,
    Thanks for the comments! Every once in a while it dawns on me that I’m really, really fortunate. The little painting just reminded me :-) Wendy dear, I think it has something to do with being dead lol! Thanks so much for the kind words :-)

  4. Jane

    When I saw this pop up on my email this morning it was a very strange feeling as I am the proud owner of the original painting which hangs on my kitchen wall. As you know I have many of your ACEO originals as well as this slightly larger one, which is one of my favorites. When I look at it from now on I shall think of your optimism, which I share, and enjoy the painting all the more.

  5. Don Post author

    Hi Jane!
    I knew I had mailed out the original back then but I couldn’t locate to whom :-) Thanks for commenting. I’m glad to hear you are still enjoying the painting and now have some additional insight to it :-) Thanks so much for subscribing.

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