Cow Love

Cow Love

Cow image for larger view.

I have a female friend from high school back in Georgia, who as it turns out, collects cows.

Seems like a lotta work, collecting cows. I mean collecting a cow is not a simple matter of picking it up and putting it in your purse. I suspect you’d have to engineer some sort of long-armed, stealthy cow-snatcher thingy attached to your truck so when you saw one you liked…you’d just reach over the fence and collect it.

It also seems like it would be illegal but I’m not goin’ there. In my home state of Georgia, things are legal that one wouldn’t think would be. Come to think of it, it’s that way here in Colorado too.

And truthfully…if I was a cow farmer in Georgia, and stepped out on my front porch one morning to count my cows, and noticed one was missing…with no sign of a struggle, no hole in the fence, none of the other cows acting nervous…well, I’d figure alien abduction naturally. And there’s no sense in being upset about an alien abduction of one of your cows. You can’t do anything about it anyway and who knows…you might get your name in the paper there in Georgia or be interviewed for one of those late night “strange phenomenon” shows on the Discovery Channel.

So I reckon in the big scheme of things, this friend of mine isn’t doing anything necessarily wrong by collecting cows like that. I’m sure she takes good care of them. She probably sits out there after work and pets them and that’s a far cry more than the Georgia cow farmer would have done. It’s really a step up for the cows.

But I digress…

Besides collecting cows, Jennifer is a loyal Idle Minutes subscriber and asked me via emailĀ  if I would sketch her “a cow”. I went the extra mile and sketched her one-and-a-half cows on a postcard and mailed it to her. I was sending a subtle message in this sketch that if she could manage to collect a bull or two, she could stop collecting cows altogether and just watch them multiply on their own. (There should be a subtle message in most art. I read that somewhere.)

6 thoughts on “Cow Love

  1. karen

    Oh, sure, make points with Jennifer by sending her a CALF, too! Like any woman could resist a baby cow. But of course, you need to tell Jennifer that the world wide web is a wondrous thing, and that sometimes friends of friends pitch in the way they can, with their own versions of cows and stuff.

    (Nice sketch, by the way, Don.)

  2. Don Post author

    Hey Karen!
    That’s way cool! I’d say there’s a 99.9% chance Jennifer doesn’t have a Cowmadillo :-) But I know she’ll be proud to pet it just like the other cows. Thanks for chipping in! You have really become a pro illustrator :-)

  3. Mary Barks

    Don – I love this. The message is definitely subtle, but impactful. Even cows have love. Just watch the babies go back to mama after a branding. It’s a beautiful picture and sound!
    Mary Catherine

  4. Jen Bone

    That is about the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. That Jennifer is so lucky to have such a talented, and sweet friend as you (wink, wink). As for the bulls, the good ones are are pretty difficult to catch.

  5. Don Post author

    Well…I’ve never tried to catch a bull myself Jennifer. But if you’re gonna try, then just go for the good ones. It’s too dangerous to settle for less lol! I was happy to oblige and add to your cow collectibles. You should see it in the mail soon :-) Let me know how it survives the U.S. Mail Service

  6. Don Post author

    Hey Mary Catherine!
    Good to hear from you! Thanks for commenting :-) I hope all is well there in Montana and I’m glad you liked the sketch. And I agree, it is a cool thing to watch how animals share momma/baby love.

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