I’m Being Watched…

I'm Being Watched

I'm Being Watched...click for a larger image.

Sketch Text:
Outside my front door there lies a field of sagebrush and grass. Here and there one can see small mounds of dirt piled around holes in the ground. In the early morning these little sentries will stand at their post atop the mounds.

When I open the door to leave for work, all the little black eyes turn their attention to me…and stare. They watch me walk to the Jeep.

These are the neighbors. The ones I’ve never met. The quiet ones…that are always up before me…always watching me. Sometimes I wonder if they know something I don’t…like the location of the coyote poop I’m walking directly toward as I stride to the car.

I am entertainment for Prairie Dogs.

8 thoughts on “I’m Being Watched…

  1. Don Post author

    Thanks Sue. You were right when you said I have lots of friends. They live in little holes lol!

  2. Don

    Thanks for the comment Margaret! They’re cute little guys and fun to watch. Glad you got a chuckle too :-) I always enjoy giving folk a chuckle :-)

  3. Jana Bouc

    I love your drawing–it’s just perfect–and what a funny story! Sounds like you live in such a different environment than mine. No prairie dogs or coyotes here though we do have lots of squirrels and regular dogs.

  4. Don West Post author

    Thanks for commenting Jana!
    Yes, there are all sorts of critters here from Elk to Bears, Badgers, Beavers and Porcupines…and dogs and squirrels too. Sooner or later I’ll get around to posting some kind of story about all of them I suppose lol!

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