My Cheap Sunglasses

My Cheap Sunglasses

My Cheap for larger image.

Sketch Text:
Not an easy object to draw, sunglasses. All curvy and slippery and smooth and sleek. Unlike these I sketched.

In fact, I don’t draw very well at all really. The best I can do is a loose attempt at whatever I draw.

The fingers and hand have always been a bit disconnected from the brain in my case. You can see it in everything I draw including this lettering. Part of it is a lack of patience. Another part is a tendency to not pay attention while sketching or writing on the page. And another is not having a plan for my sketch…or anticipating what I’m going to write about whatever I sketched.

Which clearly explains why I’m now writing up here and thus requiring the tacky little arrow you see below…down there at bottom right.

The truly bothersome thing to me is that I don’t even drink…which would be the best explanation for many things about me. So I really don’t have a good reason for my inaccuracy.

It also keeps me from being much of a musician. So I whistle.

7 thoughts on “My Cheap Sunglasses

  1. Margaret

    I like drawings to be a little ‘out of shape’ – that is where the individual style and the character come in! This made me smile – especially the comment about the imitation tortoiseshell!

  2. Don

    Hi Margaret,
    First, thank you for the correct spelling of tortoise lol! I knew it was incorrect when I wrote it…another giveaway of my lack of attention :-)
    I too like drawings a little misshapen when I’m reading other blogs. I’m drawn to that because I understand it so well lol!
    I’m glad I gave you a smile today :-) May you have many more!

  3. Don West Post author

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for commenting! I realize you’re correct of course. Some days I just become a bit frustrated with my inner thinking and limitations if that makes sense :-) I’m not really knocking my abilities, just realizing my limits…at this juncture ;-)

    Really though, I know people who can get a likeness of a face with ease or capture the precise positioning of an object. I simply don’t have that level of artistry or talent. That’s what I meant when I said I really don’t draw all that well.

    On the other hand, I do celebrate that I can’t lol! As you point out, that is my style. And it’s fine :-)

  4. Jen

    you are your own worst critic. I love the way you draw (and write) it has such honesty and soul.

  5. Don West Post author

    Aw Jen, I wasn’t really being critical so much. I just sometimes wonder why my wee little brain is the way it is when it comes to organizing a sketch lol!
    Thanks for the comment and for being a loyal reader and friend :-)

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