River Feeder Scene

We took a walk not long ago down by the Colorado River. There are little streams that feed it as well as larger rivers. The little meadow streams often have River Willows along the banks that are vibrantly colored in the winter. Pinks, yellows, burgundy and oranges reflect off their bare branches when the light is low and late in the day. The visual effect is that of repeated soft arches of these colors due to how the branches grow from the ground much like a bush. With snow around them they are really very quiet, peaceful and calming.

I always enjoy looking at the stretches of stream where they are present. I thought perhaps you would too :)

6 thoughts on “River Feeder Scene

  1. Davo

    I don’t read my emails everyday, and never on vacation, so I’m just getting around to seeing this one. What a wonderful New Year’s present! I hope the Christmas season treated you well and I’d like to wish you a Happy and Blessed New Year. May 2014 be wonderful for you.

  2. Marque Todd

    Hi Don,

    Just stumbled across you site from a Pinterest pin that someone had posted of you fabulous “Portrait of a Hare”. You are an inspiration to those of us struggling to take the plunge and draw/sketch/paint every day!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


  3. Don West Post author

    Thanks Marque! It is always great to hear from new readers and people doing the same thing :) I’ll put your site on my blog roll right now :)

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