Western Watercolor Landscape, Zion

Western Watercolor Landscape

Western Watercolor Landscape

I got an email a while back from a sweet lady who stumbled onto Idle Minutes while searching for artwork. She and her husband had traveled to Zion National Park a few years prior and became enchanted with the place as they backpacked it together on a really tight budget. They were looking for a watercolor of the American West to hang in the family room and wondered of I ever sold my paintings.

I generally don't. I've tried a few times but found that painting for a market was no fun.

Like most of us, these two young people are not big time collectors or able to afford commissioning an artist for a specific painting. They are regular folk just like you and me. So, rather than pretend to be the big time artist that I'm not, I painted this scene from Zion for them for the simple pleasure of knowing that someone actually appreciated something I painted enough to hang it in their home :)

I'm of the opinion that few things are sacred anymore. Even religion has turned into big business, big money and showmanship. So my effort here is to give freely of my inner thinking and feeling about the scene, put that down paint to paper, and pass it on to someone in the hopes that it helps them enjoy times past when they endeavored to backpack Zion together and likewise make a journey of life together. Call it a wedding present for someone I don't know :)


11 thoughts on “Western Watercolor Landscape, Zion

  1. Jane

    When I saw this I just had to respond for two reasons. One to say again how very privileged I feel to have several of your paintings hanging in my home and I am sure the painting of Zion NP will be much admired and appreciated in its new home. As someone who similarly does not have large sums of money to buy original art I am grateful that on a few occasions you have placed items for sale that I have been able to buy and enjoy. You have certainly brought pleasure to this household! Secondly I wanted you to know what a coincidence the arrival of your email was as I am currently planning a holiday to Utah/Arizona with my husband for next year and will be visiting Zion NP as part of the trip. Seeing a painting of yours depicting the park has whetted my appetite for our adventure even more!

  2. Lois

    This is a beautiful painting, Don, and I’m sure the young couple will treasure it much more as a gift, rather than simply something they admired and purchased.

    Your comments about nothing being “sacred” any more really hit home with me. I’ve found that nothing kills the spirit of creativity quicker than trying to cash in on the results.

    … Speaking of which. Looks like your muse may be back from vacation. Yeay!!

  3. Don West Post author

    Thanks for commenting Lois and your kind words :) and yes, cashing in closes the heart and mind no doubt.

  4. Don West Post author

    Thanks Karen for keeping up :) I guess a sabbatical is a good name for it lol!

  5. Cathy

    I was going through your old postings and found this one. It’s beautiful! I esp. like the sky, could you tell me what colors you used to get the effect? Thanks for sharing your sketches and experience!

  6. Don West

    Hey Cathy! That sky was done with some Cobalt Blue I think near the top and then various strokes and mixes of Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Red receding into the horizon. There’s probably some Burnt Sienna mixed in there with the Ultramarine Blue to make some of the greys. Lastly, I used Titanium White to strengthen up the whie of the clouds here and there. I appreciate you digging back in time to find this one :) I haven’t done any formal landscape paintings in a while. Two are started but I haven’t gone back to them :)

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