11 thoughts on “Why Sketch?

  1. Deb Leger

    Hi Don, it’s really good seeing your post! Love the thought but I especially love the thoughts you wrote along with it. You and I seem to be going through the same kind of thing right now so it’s good to see what you’ve done and read your thoughts. I’ve been doing some drawing, too, and hopefully this weekend, I’ll be able to add some colour to them. Or maybe sooner. Keep drawing when you can! And keep posting, too. It keeps me inspired and gives me hope.

  2. Don

    Thanks Rowland!
    I’m sorry you’re frozen my friend :-)
    It makes me appreciate the comment that much more :-)
    Some tips to warm up:
    -Run in place.
    -Run inside.
    -Run to the nearest coffee cafe.

  3. Don

    Hi Deb and thanks for the kind words :-)
    Winter is a pain in the sketchbook isn’t it? lol!
    Looking forward to seeing your posts…
    I recently heard a nice song about hard times and hard moments etc.
    The refrain is simply “Press on. Press on Believers, press on.” :-)
    And so we shall eh?
    Not that my times are that hard…I’m just having a difficult time fighting the urge to go into hibernation lol! (I think I have bear genes in my DNA.)
    And as you know…that makes for difficulty in getting started on a sketch or painting.
    But…I finally got a tiny spark and embraced it even though the subject was rather mundane :-) And it did me good :-) Perhaps tomorrow another one will spill forth lol!

  4. Rowlandwithaw

    Am off to the bar for a coffee!!

    And to arrange delivery of wood for the stove: they’re promising us more cold weather. . . people think Italy is permanently warm . . . oh, no . . . lovely? yes; interesting? yes; but warm? not at this very moment!!!

  5. Rowlandwithaw

    PS heading for the bar, I heard gunshots. They were shooting caterpillars – sound ludicrous – yes it does, but it true. There is a type of hairy caterpillar that breeds around now: you often see them in their thousands on the road- nose to tail – or is it just tail to tail with them. Despite their harmless appearance, they carry a substance which causes extremely bad skin irritation. So they shoot the nests out of the trees before they hatch. Strange but true . . . .

  6. annie

    What a fun blog: sketching woes and joys, running for coffee and now shooting hairy caterpillars. I did not know that about caterpillars–your comment posts are great fun, too… It is good to hear from you, Don. As the comments show, we are in similar places, this winter, so your post is an inspiration to the rest of us. I guess our mantra should be:

  7. Don

    Rowland, as I read your note about gunshots, then caterpillars being the perpetrators, I imagined “dang! they must be big damn caterpillars!”…then of course came your details about the NESTS being what was shot. lol! Still…an odd way of dealing with pests I must say :-)

  8. Don

    Hi Annie!
    Gonna try and keep the candle of inspiration lit here if I can :-) Had very early work today, gonna take a nap now and then see if I can find something to sketch :-)
    Good to hear from you!

  9. Don Post author

    Howdy Miss Callie!
    Thanks for stopping by. You should subscribe to the blog. Then you’ll automatically get anything I post in your email. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!
    And no, you didn’t affect the lighting too much :-) Glad you like it :-)

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