Wyoming Landscape

Wyoming Landscape

I took elements from a couple of photos I have from a trip to Wyoming. The scene represents a pastoral scene between the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. I eliminated a highway, a bunch of yellow grass in the foreground, and power poles. That's “artistic license”.

For all you artists who follow Idle Minutes, artistic license is simply a part of the creative process and should be something you're incorporating into your own work. All the masters from the past took liberties, some to idyllic extremes, but most simply to improve the outcome of the work and capture a feeling. The impression of the scene, region, lighting, etc. remains intact for the viewer. For the artist, the emotions stirred by the scene, the memories of the moment, the inherent beauty of a place…these are recorded with the assistance of artistic license in the creative process.

And that is a good thing :-)

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